About Vana Koutsomitis

Vana Koutsomitis is a master networker that believes that culture, wine and fashion are important for connecting people. She has conducted business in these three areas in order to facilitate connections and strengthen relationships.

Vana's Story

Vana Koutsomitis was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. From a young age, Vana has loved connecting people. She moved to London in 2009 to pursue a career in financial services. Born to a Colombian mother, from Cali, and a Greek father, from Kalamata, Vana grew up in a multicultural environment. After a couple of years working in finance, Vana left to start her own networking company for financial services professionals called The CityStreet. The idea was to bring together bankers from around the world, from "The City" in London to "The Street" in New York. Vana has always been passionate about people and relationships. In 2013, Vana began matchmaking and put together dozens of couples - three of which are now married! Vana is passionate about entrepreneurship and startups, especially in Colombia, where she has been exploring the startup space and identifying companies that are high growth and seeking investment. Vana holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University in New York and a Masters in Business Administration from Oxford University. She speaks five languages: Spanish, Greek, French, Mandarin and English. In the future, Vana plans to continue her passion of connecting people - professionally, personally and through products that she loves. Vana Koutsomitis Official Site
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