What is The CityStreet?

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Welcome To The CityStreet

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Welcome To The CityStreet

The CityStreet is changing the way that financial services professionals communicate. We are breaking down the monopolies that exist in this industry, to allow free and open communication between city workers - just the way it should be.

Your career, your connections, your network.

No Expensive Memberships

The CityStreet will always be free for our core services.

Your Contacts Belong to You

Your work contact list belongs to your employer, so when you change jobs you will lose many of your connections. CityStreet connections are yours for life.

Verified City Workers

We verify each and every one of our members to make sure they are who they say they are. You can trust the authenticity of CityStreet members.

Vana Koutsomitis

Find out more about The CityStreet Founder & CEO Vana Koutsomitis.

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